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Harvest 2020

Please call ahead if you are bringing corn or soys. Markets are closed today.
Please call the office at (905) 939-7494 to ensure that we can dump you if you come after hours or watch website for updates.



Update for Hard Red Winter Wheat prices:

Going forward there will be no extra premium for protein. 
The premium will be included in the posted prices. 

  Cash Prices posted are an indication only and subject to change. Please call our office for binding price quotes.  

Local Cash Bids
Basis Futures Month Futures Price Cash Price Futures Change Converted Price
 2020 Crop  @C0Z 420'0s
 2021 Crop  @C1Z 410'6s

Basis Futures Month Futures Price Cash Price Futures Change Converted Price
 2020 Crop  @S1F 1184'0s
 2021 Crop  @S1X 1050'0s

Basis Futures Month Futures Price Cash Price Futures Change Converted Price
 2020 Crop  @W0Z 588'2s
 2021 Crop  @W1N 597'0s

Basis Futures Month Futures Price Cash Price Futures Change Converted Price
 2020 Crop  @W0Z 588'2s
 2021 Crop (incl Pro)  @W1N 597'0s

Price as of 11/26/20 06:14PM CST.
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Precip: 60%
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Elevator Services
Give us a call for 2020 and 2021 crop prices!
We are always happy to answer questions and assist you in marketing your grain.  Ask us about future contracts, basis contracts and target price contracts. 
Custom Work Available

Fully licensed, professional service with modern equipment including tall corn package, side dressing and fungicide control.  Liquid fertilizer available.

We are excited to add strip-tilling to our custom work services.  Come and see our new equipment in action!

Call for rates today!

Elevator Talks

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Another foggy and rainy day here at the elevator. The yard is still a muddy mess but the forecast looks promising and hopfully things will dry up again soon. Harvest is on hold at the moment. Our trucks are on the road moving corn and soybeans to make room. Please call ahead if you plan on bringing corn or soybeans today as space is still limited. 

Please wear a mask if you need to step out of your vehicle!
We appreciate your cooperation and the effort to keep everyone healthy and safe.  

Markets are closed today. They will also close early at 1:00 p.m. on Friday
Please keep in mind that the markets will be closed on Thursday due to the US Thanksgiving holiday.  We are in a volatile market where things can change quickly depending on weather development and the current export demand. Keep a close eye on the prices and consider making some contracts for 2021 crop.

Call anytime for marketing advice or if you have questions.

Have a good day!


2020 Harvest Delivery Procedures

As we approach harvest, we want you to know that our harvest delivery procedures have changed slightly this year. We continue to practice social and physical distancing, wearing masks, proper handwashing and sanitizing to eliminate the spread of COVID-19.

The scale house will be closed to farmers and carriers during harvest.

The following is what to expect when you bring a load to the elevator:
  • Upon arrival, remain in your vehicle to be weighed in. Communicate via cell phone to declare ownership and type of grain delivered.
  • Remain in your vehicle at all times. If you need to leave your vehicle when you are dumping please wear a mask and practice social and physical distancing.
  • Once your vehicle is unloaded, return to the scale, and remain on the scale in marked area to be weighed out.
  • Scale tickets can be picked up outside the scale house or delivered to your vehicle by staff.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We are happy to accommodate a "non-contact delivery" if you wish. Please notify the office in advance about the ownership and type of grain you are delivering.

Checking Samples in Advance
As always, we are more than happy to test your samples before harvest for moisture and grade.
Please contact the office upon arrival and let our staff know you have a sample to be tested.
An outside table will be set up with pails for you to transfer your sample into and our staff will test the sample as requested.
Remain in your vehicle and a staff member will bring out the results.

Due to the current situation we might not always be in the office but we are available via
phone: (905) 939-7494
email: office@dunkerronelevators.ca
and text: (905) 252-2442


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